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Trying to lose weight or get fit? Cutting down on the booze? Got a dodgy foot or a dickie eye? ….

I’m two weeks into a low-carb high fat diet in an attempt to reverse my diabetes. Many people with type 2 diabetes have achieved this using this diet and as I don’t fancy a future of ever increasing meds and insulin injections I’m resolved to give it a good crack. The diet is as it sounds; low-carb (targeting less than 20g per day), high fat and moderate protein. A proper primer can be read here.

For breakfast I’ve switched the cereal and toast for eggs, bacon or sausages fried in lard plus coffee with double cream and half an avocado. Midday is chicken and salad or salmon and cheese. In the evening a burger or unbreaded fish with mushrooms and salad.

Removing almost all the carb from my diet (no bread, pasta, potatoes, cereals etc) and ramping up the fat did have some predictable results. The first time my arse exploded I had no warning; one minute I was watching the telly, the next sat in pool of my own shit soup wondering how the fuck to get liquid poo out of the sofa. Fortunately it has washable covers. The poo-stained inner cushion which couldn’t be laundered has been moved to the chair no one sits in, or for now, visiting cunts I don’t like much.

Consequently my next discovery has been Psyllium husk and ground flax seed both of which are a source of dietary fibre - which binds liquid in the digestive system and has successfully stopped the diarrhoea.

The upshot of this change in diet is my blood-sugars are down, which means I’m winning. Not to normal levels yet but heading in the right direction. Best of all I feel better than I have in a long time - I don’t think I’ll be going back for the sake of a packet of crisps.


Is this not just the much maligned Atkins diet?

Personally I could go for it for most of the time, but I do love my pasta, so would need a weekly fix, and the odd cheese on toast…

The Atkins diet is low-carb, high protein I think. The low-carb high fat diet originated in Scandinavian countries. It’s a way to halt type 2 diabetes rather than loose weight, although some people report weight loss too.

Yes it can be difficult, carb-cravings are real!

What would you take to a bake-off :grinning: ?

As a type 1 diabetic there have been times when my diet’s been almost the exact opposite. During a tough-ish one-day walk last summer I consumed 5 individual egg custard tarts, one-and-a-half large tins of Ambrosia rice pudding turbo-charged with crumbled cereal bars and a substantial amount of golden syrup, a large pack of jelly babies and a roll of glucose tablets. Plus a ham butty and chips and a pint of Theakston’s Old Peculiar for lunch. IIRC that lot added up to not far short of 1000g of CHO plus a trace of fat and protein. I didn’t feel well, but I did keep walking. I don’t think I’ve been able to face rice pudding since.


Did you ever tot up what the calorific intake & output were for that day?

'Fraid not. With type 1’s it’s all about fueling, which means carbohydrate. There’s a pretty good website here They reckon that walking with a pack across up-and-down terrain will burn of order 40g of CHO an hour which, if anything, I found to be on the low side. I was walking for 16 hours or so. Type 1’s metabolisms are sufficiently shot that they can’t rely on drawing much from reserves or on converting fats quickly enough, so you pretty much have to push CHO in through the gut wall as fast as you’re burning it. You can back the insulin off a lot, which helps proportionately, but it’s involved critically in the utilisation of CHO as well as the storage and release of it. So with too little insulin your muscles would simply be unable to use what CHO you have and thus run out of fuel. Non-diabetic bodies regulate insulin and another hormone, glucagon, very precisely indeed. Type 1’s just have to inject it subcutaneously every so often and rely on the absorption rate not being too badly messed up by changes in tissue temperature (both ways if you’re working hard but the weather’s cold), blood flow (ditto) and the biochemical changes which come with exercise and, latterly, muscle fatigue. Trying to manage the whole thing is a bit of a challenge, to be frank, especially given that one of the first symptoms of getting it wrong is cognitive impairment (the brain relies heavily on an adequate blood glucose supply).


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A bag of sausages, some eggs and half an avocado? :thinking:

I have had to learn how to prepare meals without using carbohydrate and there are plenty of recipes and meal ideas to try out. I’m also trying meal ideas from the Paleo diet - a diet designed to mimic what we were thought to be eating as early humans - because this is low-carb too.

The discipline needed to manage type 1 does sound daunting, although a pint of Theakston’s OP (that dark lovely is now firmly off my plan) must be some reward.

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I lost many kilos whilst doing a low carb diet many moons ago. If you can afford it (protien is damn expensive) and keep it going then it works for weight loss and blood sugar control.
Good luck with the lifestyle change.

me too, and then stuffed myself full of carbs when I gave up smoking…interesting I don’t have a sweet tooth though, so never bother with cakes, biscuits etc…much rather eat cream crackers with cheese.

A diet of rice pudding and egg custards looks appealing. Sadly I need to lower my cholesterol so need to reduce fat intake.

No matter what you do with your diet, it seems something will kill you. I have therefore decided, fuck it, i enjoy it , i will eat it

Is that legal :grinning:


I’m not an expert but, as far as I understand, Cholesterol is an antioxidant and you have more in your blood when you have more free radicals. If you cut down the toxins going into your body the Cholesterol in your blood will also lower.

Does that mean less cabbage

I think that should be ok :slight_smile:


Will the radicals be free after Brexit?

I heard a group of free radicals were gathering in a slaughter house…

Nothing’s going to be free in the new health regime.


More like?