Heco 800 BT

Anyone interested in this before I list it on theifbay?

Great for a (student?) bedroom system. I played the TV through it to great effect. Bluetooth connectivity + optical, coax + a MM phono input.

It’s boxed up but if anyone is interested I could take some more pics. There’s one small mark on the top but otherwise minty with power lead, speaker grilles, manual and remote.

£275 inc. UK delivery.

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Trying to think of a reason why I want this - these are fucking excellent, and £600 originally. Got one on telly duty (with a Heco sub, which is also excellent), and one on bedroom duty (wahey!).

Bargain! :ok_hand:

You know it makes sense :+1:

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Toilet duty?


OK, £250 posted :sob: or tomorrow it’s EBAY!!!

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Still for sale :sob: any offers?

No need to duck, here comes a low ball. £200 posted to a friend who’s down on his luck.

I can’t do £200 Inc post, but maybe we can get someone to bring them down to Lopwell.

£210 inc post (Interparcel is your friend)