Help my brother find a new amp please!

Hi all,

so, my brother is looking for an amp for 2-channel music duties. At the moment he has everything running from some 5.1 AV amp. His speakers are Monitor Audio Silver 8. Budget is up to 700. Recommendations appreciated, and/or if someone actually has something they want to sell, that would fit the bill, then all the better. He lives in Bahrain, so would probably pick it up in August, so no massive hurry, but I’m sure cash could be sorted out immediately and I would just hold it for him till he visits. I have a few ideas, but I tend to always think of the same things, so it’d be good to get some wider wisdom.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve got a Nuforce STA120 power amp spare if needed, boxed for £200 if he does not mind a Pre/Power setup.

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New or used?

If used, I really enjoyed my Roksan Caspian M2 integrated with MA speakers. I kind of regret swapping the MA’s in that combo with Kef, as the MAs worked better.

Not 100% sure you’d find a used M2 in budget though.

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Tell him to burn the MA Silver 8 and buy a midi system instead :laughing:


Haha! I thought they sounded ok when I was over there at Christmas. I wasn’t hearing them at their best, by any means, but they weren’t offensive.


I don’t know if he has any thoughts on pre/power. I’ll find out, and I’ll put that on the list, thanks.
What are they like, these Nuforce amps? I occasionally flirt with the idea of grabbing one. I like the design, certainly.

Yeah you’re probably right, but I’ll keep an eye. Sounds like a good suggestion anyway. He might up his budget if it looks like a good option.

Marantz 7001KI Signature will work well with the MAs and would leave a lot of change.

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Looks good, thanks!

Probably selling a quad 34/306 next week

No idea if it would work well with ma speakers

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Yamaha 596 Natural sound amplifier, 100wpc into 8ohms. For not much money.

Stock photo.