Help restoring speakers

How come you kept on asking me for decisions then? :rofl:


“How much do you want your wallet gouging for this bit?”


Where’s your spirit of adventure lad?!

Fucking-shit-up is the only way I learn stuff!

That’s why I do it all the time.

No, really. :expressionless:


To keep you off my back for taking ages. :stuck_out_tongue:


If a tweeter is damaged as well as a bass driver plus some likely needed crossover updates - I can easily see, even with second hand parts, that the cost of repair will exceed the value of the speakers.I reckon some premier league foraging will be needed to get these part in on a reasonable budget - Maybe finding a sacrificial pair might work out cheapest?

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Going to have a go at refoaming drivers to see if I can rescue them.
Still looking for a D19 tweeter to replace dodgy one.

Any idea what cap this is? I may replaces these too.

4.7 microfarad (uF) 50V non-polarised electrolytic

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Small enough value to replace with a film cap should you so desire

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^^^This is good advice :+1:

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Though I suppose a clarity cap would be fine.

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£5 for 2 to your door - nice and compact too -

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Thanks Edd
I think they might be over budget :joy:

Polyester, yuck.

Polypropylene is for tryhards and wannabes :poop:

Good for ropes mind :+1:


Well I did suggests copper foil :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s really the only way forward…

The basic jantzen is cheap, not tried them though.

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New caps fitted to crossovers and drivers refoamed. First time I’ve done a refoam, could be neater but I think I’ve got them centred nicely.


Had a listen yet?