Help with my boiler prob .Please

Hi !
I posted earlier about my Potterton Profile 60el boiler .Im trying to replace the PCB board or the Control panel as it’s referred to in the manual .so far I’ve removed the old board and put the new one in its place with correct wiring …I’m left with 2 white wires which go to the thermostat control and access is very restricted.on the new board they are called S1 and S2 but on the old board they are just called white…
On the new board also S1 is located next to the green earth wire and S2 next to a blue wire with goes into a connector block where the main electric supply goes into .i will put a photo up …the pattern is on the old board where one white of the white wires sits next to green earth and the other white next to blue…should I chance that this pattern is correct or does anyone know different …the other problem is I may not be able to unplug the connections,so when they are identified correctly would I be able to snip each one and just join the wires halfway with a connection block…
Sorry for being long winded explaining but I do need to do this correctly and get my heating back on …Any replies will be greatly appreciated…
Photos will follow

Where’s Ginge?

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Ping @AmDismal - he’s an expert on most things electronic. Don’t be fooled by him pretending to be an accountant.


can you take any pictures?

Image 1is old board
Also on the suppliers feedback one person critiqued about the lack of info regarding the white wires and just took a chance whilst stating he still doesn’t know whether he got them the right way round ,or was lucky or it didn’t matter which way

fig. 27 would show that they go to a switch and could be connected either way. But make that decision for yourself.

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Have you nailed the new board to a plank?

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That’s how it came so it’s a push down fitting

Thanks Mark ! I’ll go with that and follow the white cable next to blue one and visa versa and connect according.
If It goes wrong and you spot something airborne I hope I land in a virus free place :joy:

Just stay away from blue, brown and black. And red.

Just stay away from it full stop would be my advice.

Gone a bit quiet. Do you reckon he electrocuted himself?

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Or frozen stiff.

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Agree, looks like the connections are to a (thermostatically controlled) switch, so polarity doesn’t matter.

Not electrocuting yourself seems to have mattered. Bugger.

Sorry guys I’m still here after the Russian Roulette game .I managed to replace the board and the white wires also but whilst the fan etc are all working fine on the boiler it won’t :fire: up …I think it may now be an electrode prob.
I’m not sure whether a sparky mate of mine can resolve this when I can get hold of him or a heating engineer if and when I can get one .
Thanks for all your replies you’re good guys !


You need to get a heating guy Mick.

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It could be any number of things… poor pilot, blocked injector, air pressure switch, case seals, gas valve, electrodes… anything.

It hasn’t over heated has it and locked out? Press the overheat switch underneath.

Dont play parts darts with it, get someone in.

Go on the Gas Safe register website and put in your post code, phone round and see how that goes.


Thanks for this advice Stu …I tried the overheat switch ,again the same no spark from electrode …I noticed that on the old board there is a slight gap for the wire that leads to the ignition electrode to fit into ,this wire was on the left of the board near the back ,it was very tight but on the new board that groove is a bit bigger and the wire waggles about so it may not be making a good connection …I’m not doing anything rash so firstly I may ask my sparky friend to check this as the rest of the new board seems to be working,he worked on building sites for most of the time and did the wiring for boilers also and fault finding them …Failing that first thing Monday I will hunt again for a competent heating guy …