Help with technical issue

I’ve had a rather strange issue where my streamer stops playing through my main DAC. The streamer shows it is playing (and I think is) but no sound is reaching the speakers - when I replace main DAC with another DAC it plays fine. Put the main DAC back in no sound - even after powering down and removing replacing all connections while powered off.

Then if I remove and replace cables from power or preamp when power is on there is a little ‘thump’ and the sound starts to come through, like something is being cleared. (I can’t recreate this thump consistently and realise I shouldn’t do it the first place, but it was frustrating).

I have a little hum through the system from the TT not audible when playing, and am wondering whether there is a build up of static or similar that is causing the blockage with the main DAC?

Sorry this is vague but any thoughts, potential solutions etc. would be gratefully received.

Schumann solves everything

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Does it ever play thorugh the main DAC or do you have to unplug the RCA leads to get it to work?

Have to unplug and plug RCAs back in and create some feedback to get it to play - it ideal, but once that’s done it plays fine. Should have said valve pre and power amps.

The main DAC is a Bricasti with dual linear power supply so maybe some sort of power build up happening which blocks the signal?

Does it just stop playing in mid stream, or after some change of sources, or something else?

Have you tried the problem DAC in another system?

Usually stops after it has been left for a while, hence thoughts on power build up.

Stops after it has been left streaming music? My music streamer used to do this to my DAC, but when switching sources to the DAC.

No haven’t done that yet - if I can I will, but a little tricky as I have only one system :roll_eyes: and no hi fi saddos nearby. That said once it clears it plays perfectly OK for days/weeks.

Last resort would be to return to the distributor who would check but that’s quite a trek.

Could of course be getting worse, difficult to tell, will leave on overnight and see if I can get the problem to reoccur.

You are based where?

Have you another pre-amp?

No streamer goes into sleep mode so there’s no music actually streaming. But it is powered on.

Again though, stick another DAC in and it plays, so I’m guessing the streamer isn’t the problem, but could be wrong.

No ‘fraid not.

I have some actives so could set up an alternative system and see what happens then.

How long has this system been OK for? Is anything new to it?

I think it is the streamer not sending the necessary wake up signal to the DAC. When you disconnect and change DAC’s, I think it is generating that signal.
Have you tried just disconnecting the original DAC, and reconnecting it?
Sounds like you have the same glitch, I had with my streamer. It was cured by a software/firmware update.

Or switching off the sleep mode?

Had it for a while nothing new, although there have been firmware updates to the streamer recently.

Could well be a signal glitch although I can swap DACs and it doesn’t pick up - I will drop a note to Aurender asking whether they’ve had that issue too.


Yes exactly…