Helping the police with their enquiries


Oh, i did wonder what these were


Yarp, we werent allowed to drop real ones on the French


Mate, i was just being a nerd, as per forum rules.

I’m ultra jealous, because I don’t get to play with this stuff.


I know you were, i just grabbed the opertunity to show off :slight_smile:

TBH, its not difficult to play with them, if you have the time.


Yeah, the time thing. That’s the bitch.


Yep, im not as active with it as i was.


Well, that and the natty 1940s uniform :slight_smile:


ah the famous red robbo … many a tale there i know


me on the right reading the news with a certain chappie who still does it [ it was at a show and somehow they picked me out to join him ] rather fun

18056743_231257474023259_5519009643804724789_n by , on Flickr


Was that Crimewatch?


Taken the thread title too seriously?



The most normal one I’ve seen!


But that’s not saying much!




Mr. MWS and Stronzetto