Helping the police with their enquiries






No, never had a mullet but I’ve eaten a few :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



The people who put the Mane in Maneater.



Trying to dig out my BMW ID badges etc but found this University ID - from 2004, back when I clearly stood a lot closer to a razor and hadn’t had the life sucked out of me by the NHS.


Did you go to university at 12 years old?


Its worse than that, when I say University, I mean some cockamamie post grad course I did whilst I was being gainfully employed. I was 34 in that picture :laughing:


So where is Bill and what was your adventure?


Yeah right :rofl::rofl:


I think he means months :laughing:



Looking at the current mugshots I realise that the road kill skunk beard may not be the comforting mask I thought it was. I think I have discovered why @Rob998 has gone all sweeney.



How many people have you axed to death?


I thought I’d gotten rid of the blood :cold_sweat:


This guy lives somewhere on the vast expanse of land between Adelaide and Perth, he doesn’t want to be found. However, every now and again people do come across him and they are never see again.



Fuck me, its the bastard lovechild of Chopper Read
and Oddball from Kelly’s Heroes

With extra Negative Waves and Prog obviously.


1987 just starting my MSc