Helping the police with their enquiries


twas before I could afford soft contact lenses. I did have a pair of hard gas permeable lenses, but I ruined them by drinking bottle of scotch and getting so dehydrated, they welded themselves to my eyeballs that I couldn’t get them out! I ended up in A&E



'93. Forgotten I’d hair then…

Google Photos

…so the forum software crops it even further. :smile:


“physical recreation section”; of what? Prison?


Uni, I was 19 I think. Played rugby and then had fights. Lived in the gym, sometimes played squash and cricket.

In my spare time I collected rent for a big commercial landlord in Bristol.


I was 22 when that was taken, Louise has just reminded me she was 13 years old.


Did Dennis Taylor never ask for his specs back?


Without them he was never able to find Simon.



Bloody great film that. I must watch it again soon.


if I gave them back, I’d probably be dead crossing the road


Another from the flock of seagulls



I saw them play “live” mucho disappointment


Dierdre wants her specs back


At least spell the name correctly; Deirdre. Anyway she’s dead so she can’t have them back.



Apprenticeship for the real thing



Did you find yourself tailed by store detectives? Given the stink eye by lollipop ladies? Stopped at customs much? I mean no offense but I’m getting citizens arrest vibez.


My wife just turned these up looking for something completely unrelated in the “stuff draw”

If I could go back in time I would be taking a firm line with this little shit


The pics are getting younger and younger. This is me age 33…



Ah, these explain it all.