Helping the police with their enquiries


You look like Tuco from Breaking Bad


There are worse looks, I’d have thought. Tight tight tght


A diet of Schumann and napping has been my salvation


Older calmer Dalai lama.



Yeah, him too. A bizarre mashup of Tuco and the Dalai Lama


He’s big in the Schumann game


That photo is a mash up of both people?
Unless they both have the same moles on their heads!
And photo shop lines on their faces :smirk:


I’m busted


Just thought it was mildly amusing that the likeness to someone had been pointed out after you’d used their likeness.

Anyway, on to more pressing matters of today…


Another case solved Steve, off to the pub with you.



Years of training to make it look so easy.


‘Get your trousers on @Ruprecht you’re nicked’



The best telly copper there ever was :+1:


Or Huey Morgan channelling his inner Buddhist Terry Thomas.


I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for that pesky Sap


Trousers are oppressive, the uniform of the inhibited.


Thank heavens the paramilitary fantasy didn’t extend to going commando.





No, that’s @ZiggyMarley’s role.


How long ago was that Rob?