Herman Miller office chairs

Worth it?

Assume you mean the aeron ones.

They are comfortable but I wouldn’t pay more than £200 for one.

Had an Aeron one at work a few years ago, I didn’t find it very comfortable. Massively overrated IMO.

I do fancy a new chair though. Had this one for 12 years and it’s showing its age. Need to try some out.

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I subsequently had a Haworth Zody and it was fantastic.


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Lol ÂŁ4k!

I will say though, that despite not looking very promising, the seats in my 911 as the most comfortable car seats I’ve ever sat in.

Why don’t you drop into a couple of office furniture showrooms when you’re down the smoke next Wednesday afternoon? There’s a few around the City area.

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You’d have to be some cunt to buy that. Even I don’t quite make the grade.


Perhaps I should aspire to a seat from a 1993 Astra welded on to some castors. DIY project :bulb:

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1993 - approaching vintage status, you might find the Porsche chair cheaper to be honest.

I think you can get Chinese replicas from 2juki on ebay.

Poor imitations imo. They don’t have the same quality of luxury velour…

For an item that expensive and sought after, everyone will assume that its a fake anyway.

Id spend a few extra quid and go for the 96 Mk 3 model.mk 2 seats were iffy


these look interesting…

That looks like a Humanscale chair…

I have a Steelcase, very nice. lots of used office furniture places around like LOF in Peterborough with good prices on decent chairs.