Hifi On CV

I noticed a few of you are job hunting / meeting new clients etc…
I was wondering how many of you ever put Hifi/ music on your CV ?
Do you casually drop your kit/ music etc in the conversation when meeting new clients?
Would it sway the deal or help you get new employment ?
What’s your view …
I’m retired now but when I meet new people I always bring up my hobby…

Not with a 20ft pole.


You must be fucking joking :joy:


I’ve tried but all I get are rolling eyes

It’s pointless mentioning HiFi, music sometimes gets a response, but I am frequently surprised to find that music is something that happens in the car, or maybe a radio in the kitchen, and that’s it. The number of office buildings that are devoid of any means of replaying music is staggering.

Yeah - whenever I’ve mentioned to colleagues I love music - I rarely get more than a ‘Oh, that’s nice’ in response.

Unless you’re applying for a job in the HIFI industry. The answer has to be a resounding no.


Not only do I mention it, i normally show them pics of it on my 'phone :grin:


Dogs, people generally love dogs, unless they are from a country that is generally afraid of dogs.

Yep, it’s on my CV under obsessions/interests. It’s led to some good conversations with potential employers!

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When shown a picture, what’s the percentage of counter rotating platter questioners and how do you explain it when they do? :grin:


No. Along with “listening to music”, “reading” & “fapping”, some things are best left unwritten.


Would you want a prospective employer reading this forum?? :crazy_face:

God no!

Would you want anyone on this forum as a prospective employer ?


Hmmmm… luckily I am retired

I’ve never put hobbies or personal interests on a CV and I don’t understand why people would.

I’m paying you to do a job why the fuck would I care what you do in your personal time.

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I thought that WAS your job Adam.

Never. Ever. EVER ! would I put HiFi on a CV.

“Hi, I’m applying for a role which demands total focus, an ability to communicate clearly, empathise with staff, be approachable, and be flexible with working patterns.
Oh, by the way, I like frittering money away on an obsession which few understand, in deference to real family needs and that often has me sitting by myself in a darkened room, becoming enormously frustrated by the smallest, almost inaudible hum.”


When I’m tired from time to time I seem to loose my inner policeman. I have noted this phenomena when talking with normal folk about things I find quite every day. Their look of alarm / mistrust and fear indicates to me that people with a beige inner life don’t get Stronzetto at all.