Hills re-release

I know a number of people enjoyed the Hills LPs I wrote up in one of the now lost Psyke threads.

Hills are re-releasing a remastered version of their first LP (originally released on Intergalactic Tactics, their own label. The LP is £20 plus P&P with a bonus second disc of unreleased material. There are only 300 copies, of which 125 are available via Dave Cambridge at Cardinal Fuzz on preorder now.

The original pressing fetches £60+ on Discogs in half decent condition so this may be worth considering. I have no financial interest in the release although Dave is a longtime acquaintance/friend via a shared love of music.

I wouldn’t hang about if you are interested as the Cardinal Fuzz pressings regularly sell out on pre-order. Try The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol’s new LP which you are at it for some Canadian psyche-jam goodness.


Travelling at the moment but will definitely order tonight. Cheers Olan.

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Just ordered. Cheers for the nod Olan



Google is your friend…

Thanks for the heads up. Copy ordered.

Mine arrived today😀

Mines probably been delivered to an empty office then :frowning:

Mine arrived about 2 weeks ago! It’s very good.

No sign of mine at all :rage:

That’s because it’s been nicked as you live in Scouseland.

Think mine is waiting at the PO for me to pick it up.

Off you fuck there boyo…