Valencia? I have a place in Port Saplaya just outside the city on the coast. You can walk to the Malva Rosa across the beaches from there.


Get you :grinning:

Can’t wait - first time visit so really looking forward to as it looks amazing.


we’re planning to visit Valencia next year for a few days.


Have to say that was a superb few days in Valencia. Great time to visit as it was in the 30’s all week - so nice to get decent heat in the old bones this late in the year.

Excellent food and drink (they do like their morning beers) and we had one the best rib-eye steaks we’ve tasted in the Jamon del Medio Tapas bar along from the hotel in the Avinguda De Navarro Reverter.

Definitely be back as we only really scratched the surface and looks a very good base to travel to other parts of Southern Spain.


Off to Italy at start of November for Kay’s 50th. Long weekend in Rome and then 3 days in Venice.
Said she could go anywhere but she chose Italy again, I’m not complaining though.
Looking forward to venice in winter. Last time I was there was summer '86.


Crappy phone pics but Oceanografic Valencia is a must - the shark tank is tremendous

This bad boy must have been about at least 8 feet long absolutely amazing feeling as it swims over you in the observation tunnel


I went away and came back two weeks later. And didn’t bother any of you with the wonderful time I had :sunglasses:


Setting off to Amsterdam in a short while. Yippee!!


Godspeed You! Podgy cyclist. :slight_smile:


Good time for a holiday in Barcelona?


Is he going by pedalo?




If your going by tank then yes.


Hmmm… bugger


Amsterdam was lovely.


Have you been away? You didn’t mention it.


Aye, had a little trip back to Amsterdam. Twas very good. Always like a trip there I do.

Next planned holiday is Cyprus in April.


Did your lady accompany you?


Aye, went to different places than normal. All cultural like. Lovely romantic dinner, one year on from first date. Haven’t managed to fuck it up yet.

How is Mrs Mac getting along?


Lou is just the same, mate. Only 2 weeks before we go to Aberdeen to see the cardiac specialist. We’'ll know more after that, hopefully