Hope all goes well.


Cheers, Mark


Talacre gulag…
The kids love it, up at 5 straight out to work. They are even calling it a holiday and they’ve renamed the watchtower a lighthouse…


:rofl: I’ll bet you feckin did…:wink:


Gulag in the rain


Off to Rome in April for a long weekend with the new Ms ICHM :heart_eyes:


We’re off to Edinburgh for in late April - driving to Edinburgh via some posh Michelin restaurants with rooms. 4 days for the drive up, 3 days in Edinburgh and train home.


we have yet to decide what we’ll be doing in Edinburgh (other than eat and drink) - so any suggestions are welcome, although the hire car would’ve have gone back.


Have a walk round the botanical gardens, have a couple of pints at an outside table in the grass market, and play spot the tourist. A wander alongside the water of Leith is ok. Given its you have you done the gin distillery visit?


Enjoy, rome is a fantastic city that we can’t get enough of.


thanks, I forgot I asked. We have done the Gin distillery before, and the open top buses. We like waterside walks.


Wifey has mentioned a trip to Rome in May. Any recommendations for places to stay and places to eat?


Last couple of visits we’ve stayed in Trastevere, lovely area with good bars and food.
I’ll dig out some food recs later.


Took Kay here for her 50th, doesnt look much but really good food and cheap for Rome:

For the meat and cheese thing this is hard to beat:

Cracking Gelato:

Great food tour and well priced:

Highly suggest eating away from the main tourist areas, food not so good and expensive.


Just back from Marrakech to freezing cold. Time for another holiday.


How was Marrakech? What did you do while there? Did you get to the mountains? Were you hassled a lot?


I stayed at the Hotel and sunbathed. Got hassled but ignored them. Best thing was the salt body scrub and massage. Food was very good.


Presumably you went to the medina? Street food there is among the best I’ve had.


Visited once did not eat. The Savoy Le Grande Hotel was pleasant.


Fuck, I need to charge more. :stuck_out_tongue: