Where I relaxed.


That’s at least 20%


That makes 2 of us :tired_face:


The reason I needed the holiday was the shock of the expense of the new amp! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks similar to Lopwell inside


McCarthy and Stone have gone upmarket.


Butlins Marrakech looks lovely, a early success from our Governments plans to export the best of British around the world.


Currently toying with the idea of some sort of all-inclusive style family holiday in the summer (the other option being a sort of grand tour of Italy). Ideally having somewhere where we can put the boys into some planned activities run by staff so that we can at least have some time to ourselves.

Anyone done this / have recommendations?

Cannot afford anywhere too pricey as putting 3 dogs into kennels isn’t cheap.


Best holiday camp site ever - near Florence - loads of supervised stuff for the kids - multiple swimming pools, many restaurants, pizza oven, ice cream stand, shopping mall - even had its own card to use to pay for everything, saved you carrying cash around.


Sounds like hell on earth



Swmbo will not read further


Can’t remember any tents on the Norcenni site - there were plenty of luxury mobile homes with AC though :+1:




Not long to get beach ready. :slight_smile:


The “blue” should be dazzling :+1:


Not more holidays!!!


That’s a bit rich :roll_eyes:


I see four chairs round the table. Are you entertaining an extra lady this holiday ?




Just looked again, and seen the extra place mats. Christ on a bike, five ladies ?!