You betcha!! Gonna polish my brogues like there is no tomorrow. :frowning:


Is that a euphemism? :thinking:


I’ll polish them on yo’ ass!


Yer maw




Bring it on mofo :relieved:


So far this year: Edinburgh, Norfolk & Suffolk, Munich.

Going to Camber Sands, Rye, Dungeness etc. this weekend.

You’d never guess I was unemployed


certainly living the high life. We been Brighton, Bakewell, Whitby, Durham, Darlington and Edinburgh.


Dungeness has a particular post apocalyptic charm although I don’t think I’d want to live there.


You should try Foulness, was once taken there as a child but the weather was so appalling that we just sat in the car and looked out of the window.


Pete was talking about visiting Orford Ness last weekend. Does look intriguing.


wasn’t there a programme on Ch 5 about that place recently?



I wanted to go there on our way back from Walberswick, but time (and ghastly weather) didn’t allow.

This time around I’m also keen to squeeze in the sound mirrors around Denge / Romney Marsh, as featured on a Turin Brakes album cover, no less


That Suffolk coastline from Orford Ness, and its oysters, up to Southwold, is very nice. Minsmere Bird Reserve, Leiston Abbey, Aldeburgh, Walberswick, Thorpness. Lots of good walking, good food places.
With the home of Adnams Brewery in Southwold, makes another interesting stop.


Foulness Island itself is MoD property, now subcontracted to Qinetiq for testing of military kit. There is a small civilian community living on the island too. They’re mostly involved with farming I believe. The only road in and out has a military gatehouse on it and unless you’re one of the residents you need a good reason to be allowed through. Once in a while they open the small museum on the island and that is a good enough reason to get you in.

The only other way to Foulness is to walk along the notorious ‘Broomway’ - a public right of way out on the Maplin Sands. For almost all its length the path, which is on hard sand, is separated from the land by treacherous sucking mud and quicksands, crossed only by a few man-made ‘heads’ where rubble/concrete etc have been laid as a sort of jetty. It’s 3 miles from the mainland head at Wakering Stairs to Asplin’s Head on Foulness. When you get there you’re not allowed onto the island, so all you can do is to stop on the head itself then turn around and walk back.

The challenge in all this is the tide. The Broomway is only passable for a few hours at a time between tides and the sands are so level that the water comes in faster than a man can run. The sands are utterly featureless and if you’re out there when the visibility drops (rain, fog, darkness) and you lose your bearings then you’d better pray that your phone works and that the Southend lifeboat can get to you before the water does. In times past this path killed so many people that it was known as The Doomway. As someone said, “If it didn’t exist, Wilkie Collins would have had to have invented it”.

I walked it once, with a guide. It’s weird.



His programme on Imber was very good the other night


Yes, enjoyed that. I thought the interview with the protestor would have been more uncomfortable than it was, but I suppose he was only Defence Minister for a couple of years, vs the 75 yrs Imber has been under MoD control.


I know my father had access in the 1970s


Cleethorpes is particularly nice in May.