Ah the Thorpe Park Holiday centre. If you can’t stretch to Redcar, it’s the next best thing.


is that person in the background having a piss in the pool? I see some unnatural waves in the water


Looks cloudy.


Looks a bit built up for my liking


What do you expect in Lancashire? :sunglasses:


I wish Cleethorpes was in Lancashire


Booked flights to Bordeaux with a budget airline to visit my sister and the owner of the AA in June. I’m hoping that one of my fellow Mods hasn’t had an off day.


Yes, sorry. Only the wrong side of the country :roll_eyes:


Unless he’s driving the bus, you should be fine…


After some help cunts.
We are thinking about a week in Malta. Where’s the best area to stay in for a combination of a choice of bars, restaurants, history and decent hotels ?


Go somewhere else.


The island is small enough to get anywhere easily, so anywhere and hire a car.


Is drinking and driving is allowed on Malta :thinking:


Like most things, it’s only ‘illegal’ if caught. :wink:


It’s a small island though so if/when you kill someone you are pretty likely to be caught.



Malta’s great like above , vehicle is needed


No need for a car, busses are plentiful.


Gozo, much betterer part, Xaghra has a nice square full of eat/drink places


Gonzo is a deffo