I was waiting !!


Not for long though :wink:


That’s the suit I dream of


Went today. The AWRE stuff is only accessible via guided tour, but it’s nice to walk around and see the other stuff. Lots of birds to and some areas closed due to breeding season.

They do photography tours as well, but booked up a year in advance.


Less than 4 weeks to go.


I’ll just leave this here…

… whilst I go and locate the bar.


More clues needed if I’m going to cyber stalk you.


Bantry Bay?


Love the paddling pool :heart_eyes:


We have booked flights to Japan in November (3 week trip too).

It’s not too cold in November. Plus it will be festive. We will go to see the monkeys taking a hot spa. We will take our 3 yr old to Disney, plus they have a Sesame St. We didn’t get to Osaka or Nara last time but will make it this time.


There will be majic made in that there jacuzzi John.

Majic I tell you.


only if you use one of these



Unless Majic is going to be the name of your next born…


Is this a clue? Are we back in the Balkans?


We love Japan and back again this December. Three weeks is a nice long trip to get lots covered. Recommend you base yourself in Kyoto and visit Osaka and Nara from there as there is so much to see in Kyoto even if you visited on a previous trip.


Now you see it, now you don’t.
And repeat


Isle of Sheppey?


It’s Jaywick. Obviously.


No, it’s across the water at fabulous Leysdown on Sea.


Morning has broken…

Wonder what I’ll do today…oh I know…Fuck All. :slight_smile:

Majic update: None.