Honest Stronzi's record kiosk AKA Bills to pay

In a break from traditional custom, I will attempt to outline honestly why you should buy from me.

  1. Take out the uncertainty, you know I’m a cunt from the get go

  2. Vet and glue bills don’t just pay themselves. Do the right thing.

  3. These records will need a clean as my machine blew up

  4. No I will not ‘hold’ or put by anything - For the same reason my landlord won’t.

  5. Happy to negotiate if you’d like to pay more.

Semi serious bit. Each of these pressings are the earliest half speed mastered versions - They all sound superb and are all going up in value - That is all


Any chance of prices? EDIT- ignore me, your evil lack of £ threw me.

Yes, I thought there was a free 7" with each until I noticed the 70!

I’ll take the Fleetwood Mac please?

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Mac sent, any more takers?