Horn manufacturer options for DIY

In 2020 I’m going to get back onto sticking together the bits of hi-fi I’ve bought and now need to look at my options for mid horns, after the last attempt to buy some ended in a box of pieces being delivered.

Any links to websites please post.

I had been following someone on eBay doing some nice looking wood horns but they don’t seem to be there anymore.

Gpoint sells the auto tech horns.

Yeah, I can’t seem to find any others apart from Oris. I’m hoping for a list to get indecisive over.

What will be the system topography (ooh get me!), did you get any drivers yet?



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Has a few.

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Hahahah! I wondered why my system has seemed like an uphill battle! :joy:

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I suppose you could draw it.

Only thing I’ll be drawing anytime soon, is the dole. :grimacing:

Hope that’s not serious!

Nothing yet for mids but will be crossing at 500Hz. I have under 500Hz covered with 15" drivers and I have crossover for that. I have tweeters but no crossover for that yet. I saw Onken horn a drivers and was like :heart_eyes: but realised the horn is 500Hz so no good for me.

Rocky here at the moment but not been dismissed, yet. :grin:

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So three way then? You have those YL tweeters I think.

Sorry, yes. Then I’ll look at lower frequencies later to make it 4 way eventually. But the 500Hz to not sure range is what I’m looking into for the new year.

This was from here I think…,



Yeah. Everything stalled after I got those due to finances.

Have you tried taking a dump in the boss’ coffee?

When the going gets tough, the tough get scatalogical.


Apologies for the thread crap BTW :smile:


Lol! That would be fun :laughing: