Hotel Recommendtions - Liverpool


We’re heading down to Liverpool for a long weekend in the Spring and looking for a nice hotel as a treat - any recommendations would be most welcome. :+1:


I’ve heard Beirut is nice.


I knew this was a mistake :joy:


This is probably the safest place


You’ll still get your car nicked though.


We’ll be ok then as won’t have the car with us :+1:


I can’t recommend a hotel but I have been there a few times over the last few years and it’s a great place to visit.


I like Liverpool. The Hilton is decent and smack in the middle. The Jury’s Inn is also ok and in a good central location. Both have parking near by.


This will be our first visit but only heard good things about it - despite what some of our fellow meatmen say.


What are the local escorts like there?


No car so we don’t need to worry about that. We were thinking about pushing the boat out a bit hotel wise any posh as fuck places ?





Dunno about posh. But if you book an executive room in the Hilton there’s access to free food and booze early evening. Get pissed for free.


Despite it being achingly touristy, the Hard Days Night hotel is meant to be really quite good:

Liverpool is ace. You’ll love it. Don’t call anyone who is in any way involved with providing you with food “Wack”.


Malmaison, Crowne Plaza, Jurys, Hilton , Pullman are all around the waterfront.


Well that puts a different perspective on things

Mind you Anne might be a tad annoyed if I get pished early evening :joy:


Thanks for the reccos lads will have a look at them all :+1:


Used to stay at the crowne plaza in Liverpool, it was near the Liver building, that was quite posh.


This looks like it could be interesting as it’s the old white star building

Or this


Seems there is quite a few nice hotels :+1: