How do you feel?

Just hand him over to the bereaved relatives of the thousands who’ve died.


Sadly it is on the record now. I hope they have photographs to back the witness statements.

What an utter mess ! One gets the feeling they may have overplayed their hand.

If he wants to prove it fake he should hand over his phone for analysis*

*This will never happen

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Indeed. Suella Braverman is going to be in trouble if Cummings has to go. The Attorney General should be at least somewhat impartial about potential breaches of the law:

I don’t understand why they didn’t simply say ‘Sorry’, give Cummings an official warning and then ‘move along, nothing to see here’. The decision to battle it out makes them look stupid beyond belief.





Unfortunately, it will all make no fucking difference.

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and ?

This. Probably the only This. The whole thing is a miss managed mess. He’ll survive unfortunately but mistrusted by enough to effectively demote his influence.

I hope.

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Dunno. Let’s see what the press release tomorrow. If I were holding photographs I would make sure that all the Govt talking heads had done BBC, ITV, Sky and Radio 4 before releasing the pictures and moving to stage 3.

Govt lawyer caught with pants on fire is not a good look…

All wishful thinking I fear.

Possibly/probably. It will be fun finding out. The Durham Police have issued a lengthy denial to the Government’s denial that plod were involved.

That’ll help, although it has been reported that they ‘only’ spoke to Cumstains father.



I like the misuse of a Trumpism in the FT to describe the current shambles over Cummings as ‘swamping the drain’.


100% this.

We’re old. We remember a time when it was at least possible for red-handedly corrupt politicians to be shamed or coerced into resigning positions of power.

Those days are gone forever. Over. Finis.

Welcome to Britain The Banana Republic.

We have feral, amoral egomaniacs running entire nations for their own benefit. Clinical schizotypes who have only to utter a statement, for it to become certain truth.

We live in a Post-Facts World. This is what the beginning of the end of civilisation looks like.

Be glad that you are old, and that you enjoyed your youth in better times…