How do you feel?

While it’s flowered up, ponced up and dramatised like only the Earl could do, this is pretty close to where we are at, particularly when the perpetrator is the author of the new world handbook.

TB and Rickets eh? Them were the days :grinning:

In a more civilised time, Gollum would be toast, but I reckon you’re right.

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Tragic “I remember when this was all Mammoth-strewn Tundra” post :sob:

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I saw them at the Clapham Grand in 87 I think, just before they split up. Support from The Truss if I remember correctly.


“Take a stab at humour” they said…

“Oh fuck it’s bleeding to death” they said…


From newsthump.


FB ads are doing well this morning.

No mention of pootling up the A1(M)…

Today’s New York Times. 1000 death notices on the cover. Really rams the point home…

This hasn’t aged well…


Grant Shatts being reamed by AM is quite amusing this morning


None of their tweets and shit age well. They really should learn to stay away from social media

Grant Shapps. What a fucking donut.


Give the man a shovel - the hole isn’t deep enough yet

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AM has put his specs on now, Sharts is in trouble…


That was painful to watch. Shapps could hardly make eye contact with Marr let alone look at the camera.

“We’ll discuss transport issues another time, thank you Grant Sharts”.
“Oh, why are you running for the door?”
“Grant ?”
“Mr Sharts !?!”

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Honestly heart breaking :broken_heart: sick to death of seeing everyone slag him off and moan about how he should of put us in lockdown sooner, moaned right the way through having to stay indoors, then moan about how he hasn’t lifted it yet or how much of a shit job he’s doing, all while he’s probably paying 80% of wages to sit at home on your arse and stay safe.
Anybody any idea about the colossal amount of ins and outs of putting an entire country in lockdown? No thought not.

Everyone mourned when Caroline Flack killed herself because of how society reacted to something they knew fuck all about…and yet here we are again.
And you all wonder why the world is like it is today?? Society is ugly.

Keep going Boris :clap:

… pity the incompetant liar

Where did you find that load of shite Matt?