How is this even possible?

Apparently not a scam*/possibly it will break as soon as a twig is fed in, but a relatively heavy duty petrol chipper under £60 delivered. WTF?


*Definitely a scam!

It’s a scam.
It’s all over the google.

Perhaps the should chip the scammer if they catch them.

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Lol, my Google Fu failed me this time! Cheers Steve.

Hot deals have a thread about it.
Someone said they had bought something and an African company pocketed the cash.
And the premises is a selco, and the contact number a random mobile…

The PayPal link doesn’t work, apparently, which is a bit of a giveaway.
I’ve just tried on fake details. It wants a card number…

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Was wary enough to not click the pp link, and Googled “Great Circle Wood Chipper scam” rather than checking out the retailer. Still fuzzy from last night I think.

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