HP Dynamic signal analyser

I seem to have collected a few of these. So if anybody wants one very cheap then let me know before they get ebayed. You can do fun stuff like frequency response sweeps n stuff with them. Or maybe you just want something massively heavy to sit in the corner and gather dust.

Same as this one.


Define ‘cheap’…

I’m tempted!

Ton fifty. Got two of them. And a 35560 (will confirm that when I get home tomorrow). One of the 3562’s hs a foot and a screw missing. T’other one is spot on as far as I can tell. It is running downstairs at the mo doing 20Hz-20KHz sweeps just to test it.

Don’t know what it is or what it is for but I want one.

I’ll go halves with you Pete!

It’s basically a spectrum analyser optimised for use at relatively low frequencies, including the audio spectrum. But it really isn’t basic - it has a wealth of sophisticated features.

I’ve got a 3561A, which was the predecessor, and it is a very handy piece of kit if you want to characterise audio gear for harmonic and intermodulation distortion, frequency response, noise spectrum etc etc.

HP’s reputation for high quality at High Price (some people reckon that’s what HP stands for) was well-deserved.

I guess the only issues are the data interface (archaic) and the humungousness - 22cm x 43cm x 58cm and 27kg !



I’ll have one if they aren’t all spoken for, might be a few weeks before I can collect it though.

Pete and Guy, There was some interest in a 3562, but I could do a deal on both the other 3562 and 3566 if that appeals.

Where are you?

Spalding Lincs.

Who gets the display and who gets the knobs? :thinking:

Could maybe arrange a meetup around Peterborough one weekend.

Weird alpaca country innit?


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I confess I was tempted, but I just don’t have the bench space I’m afraid.

Still, it brings back memories. In a previous life I used to look after and operate a unit like this (actually it was a 3582A, sitting alongside a 3585A RF analyser) in an HP3047A phase noise detection system. If you think the audio analysers are heavy then have some pity for (the younger) me. The 3585A RF one sat just below head height in the rack and had to be swung up and ‘posted in’ in one smooth manoeuvre (somehow I was always working on my own when this needed doing !). It was over 600mm deep and weighed a hair under 40kg and if you drop 'em they don’t bounce.


I was hoping there might be a pic of the 3047A on the interweb but I couldn’t find one. However I did come across this snap of the 5451A which was much the same physical size. I guess one of the disadvantages of working for the government was that the beancounters in Finance always chose HP’s -0023/17 option (No On-Site Support) so ours never came with an engineer:


well done chaps…you managed to help me avoid buying one :grinning:

I’m sure Bumtell will steal another one to order if you change your mind!