Cant remember who it was but it wasnt SJS. They didnt attend and another exhiitor was in that room.


Just the tonic


It was not SJS as he is away in another country so could not exhibit.





The only freebie I got was the smell of burning from the very expensive sonic cleaner.
It is still clinging to my clothes.

I can still see the wry smile onTim’s face… as he sold a more modestly priced one that let off a mere whiff of alcohol.


My favourite Lotus. A dapper bachelor neighbour had a black one when I was a kid. I dreamt of owning that car for ever :heart:


Think whoever it was may have had a fair point.:joy:


There was some proper plinkety plonk pap.


Thanks for clearing that up. Went off the show guide info, which mustn’t have been updated. My profuse apologies to Simon for mistaken identity.
Will edit post accordingly.


There was also Peter Qvortup in the AN room playing a flexidisc and a cd of swing music recorded in 1938 and transferred from 78’s.




Everyone’s thinking it. I’m going to say it.

If it wasn’t Simon, who was the mystery goon? Names must be named!



And this…

Lovely noise.


I went in twice, both times shite, really shit, surprised he didn’t notice tbh


Thanks to everyone who visited our table at the show. We had a very enjoyable weekend with lots of positive feedback and lots of friends to meet up with and forum members to meet for the first time.
It was very flattering to have requests from exhibitors who having already cleaned their records for demonstration purposes wanted me to clean their records to be sure their demo records were at the very best they could be.
Special thanks to Edd and to Guy @murrayjohnson and Stuart at Puresound for all their support and the Puresound room was excellent.


Surprised you didn’t liked it, it’s got gold knobs…


if it is any consolation, even if I had been in the room I couldn’t have played your CD, as I take a Squeezebox Touch rather than a CD player :joy:

unfortunately my employment suddenly threw up a 2 week trip to Serbia which was unavoidable, so I had to cancel the show. However it was so late in the day the show guide was already printed, hence the confusion.

I hope to be there again next year, at which point you can 1) actually hear the correct kit, and 2) get insulted by me rather than some interloper :grin:

I am frustrated that it wasn’t made very clear by the occupant who he was, and that he wasnt me… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Nope, even on my AN system that sounds shite.