Will make a beeline for your room next time and fully expect to be told to feck off
Just make sure its actually you this time :grin:


I heard your Craig Armstrong CD in the Kralk room and it did sound good! Fair play to the exhibitor for playing it ,he was very obliging! I have taken cds to shows where some wouldn’t play them in fear that they sounded crap in their system (excluding the Clangers cd)


I had a lovely day and enjoyed the bestest (in no particular order):

The Velvet Vortex - Brilliant, clean sound :wink:

Audio Council (Audio Note set up in the Curie room)

Mark Audio Sota (In the Grove room with the LDA monoblocks)

Chasing the Dragon - Entertaining talk as always, enjoyed this better than previous.

There was some nice JBL’s, which sounded great to my ears, can’t remember who was
playing those.

Kralk Audio made me grin :slight_smile:

Guys room was very enjoyable with tape and valves and STST and speakers with paper whizzer tweeters :slight_smile:


Lovely detail and with proper old school grunt. And massive value.


4429s my sort of sound £5000 ( scratched a bit) NB this is not the home or domestic range with the boom tizz of old JBL . This gives quick powerful detailed panorama. Lusting.


I thought they were OK, but they looked like cheap drivers in a rattly box to me. Reminded me of the Technics / Pioneer / JVC large speakers of the 1970s, with a bit of directness and when you started to listen there is a lack of detail and woolly bass coming through the reflex port. Would have been interesting to listen to the 8" 2-way version, as I suspect they are probably better.

Not offensive, but why cough up £1300 or so when you can get a pair of the original Jap ones for a lot less.


Lots of great sounds. My favourites were (in no particular order) -
TAD - Awesome standmounts
CAD - Lovely sound with LVs and Trilogy amplifier
Fanthorpes - Klipsh Heresy speakers were lovely with Luxman amp
Buchardt speakers with Lyngdorf amplifier
Puresound - I think I prefer the smaller Direkts to the larger ones. I’m still lusting after an STST
LDA - Graham Audio LS5/9s driven by LDA amplifiers
MFA - Lovely sounds

I had a couple of unpleasant experiences at the show.

  1. I went into one of the bedrooms and it stank of BO. I tried to listen as the system was sounding good but in the end I had to leave before I gagged. I went back later after the offending punter had left.

  2. In a room full of high end digital streaming kit and blue neon lighting, I was treated like a dreamy window shopper and ignored whilst the proprietor fawned over an elderly couple. The sad thing is that not only can I afford the kit he was selling, I have previously bought some of the kit he is selling and will buy more of it in the future. Sadly for him it won’t be through him!




Bloke what sells stuff.


I had a few of those visitors shrouded in their personal cloaks of ‘musky fragrance’ & had to step away more than once!


I’m not saying anyting about the profile of your average hifi nerd…

But I do agree there were some that lacked basic care skills!


Agree with most of that, except the Klipsch speakers. I liked the big PMC speaker system with Luxman.

The guy ignored me too.


I managed to miss I load of rooms…and people I knew were there, I think they were hiding…


Very enjoyable weekend bit knackered as had work today

Think it is possibly the best UK show that I’ve been to in the 38 years I’ve been been going,very well organised,lovely hotel and grounds,very helpful staff and general good atmosphere


I was a proper grumpy git all day.
Had a stinking headache, hardly any sleep, and aching muscles a bit like flu without the illness.

But looking back today I enjoyed it more than I realised and some of the rooms were pretty damn good even though I didn’t take much of it in at the time.

I’d go back and agree it was a well thought out day with some lovely customer services touches that made it all feel like a day out rather than a hard sell.

And I saw the footy and the weather was great. Good to see some of you lot as well.


About the best free commercial Hifi show without a doubt


So, how was the NVA room?



Hot. Dunce was on fire :fire:


For future reference the ‘Ruprecht Boom Boom rooms’ will not be doing requests unless you allow us to come to your place of work and do your job badly for you whilst we eat your boiled sweets and steal your pens, in which case OK.


Best sweets by far were Trevor and Brian’s room,there were toffee with soft mint centres

A firm 9/10

Worst placed sweets were put right by the record deck so you had to annoy everyone to achive nirvana