I am trying to locate Dom, who is/was a watchmaker


We used to have a member who was a watchmaker/repairer who serviced my Omega watch some time ago.

I don’t know if he still uses this site anymore, but if anyone can let me know his name & contact details I would be much obliged.


Mick aka willie garvin


try here

http://www.heptinstalls.co.uk/ in Worthing.

I believe he was there earlier this year, whether that it the case still, I dont know

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Now Willie

tell us you views on

Cats or Dogs
Bakewells - to ice or not
Marmite, yes or no
Orange watches - yes or no
Do you own any pink loafers?
And can Stronzetto win the election

Add to that -

Pineapple on Pizza - gourmet or filth ?

Purple Clown Shoes - cool or meh ?

Coffee - instant or 2 hour faffery ?

Barbeque techniques - let’s not go there.

Oh, and welcome to the mad house. The lunatics HAVE taken over the asylum :rofl:

ahem, there are some questions that needn’t be asked…

Au contraire

True but that is the pineapple on pizza question. Are there seriously people not into that?