I have spend this weekend mostly doing?

Looking at houses for Ms ICHM near Manchester. 10 houses visited over the weekend, mostly sick of it now.

If you have a house for sale for £360K-ish and have 3+ bedrooms, detached, in a ‘nice’ area and have a decent garden size (i.e. not postage stamp), not on the Manchester airport flight path, not on a main road or in a cul-de-sac, I need to speak to you. :anguished:

Letting off fireworks in a safe and controlled manner for 2 hours :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Drinking and gambling.



Golf and Fireworks

Oh and man made a fire, I big fire, man did good…

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Accounts & paying VAT bill followed by dog walking, followed by hard liquor.

DIY wise - Painting and varnishing the kitchen plus picking up a second hand tumble drier and cooker splash back
Music wise plumbing in a chrome cast audio and checking it out.
Mostly dossing

Waiting for the bloody boiler man in a freezing house - FML

Packing for a house move in just under 2 weeks…
Took half a day just packing the turntable, plus wall shelf, plus projector and removing the hard wiring for it… Though that did include filling M12 rawlbolt holes.

Ffs Wayne - not even the tax man works on a Sunday!

He will for cash :grinning:


My accountant works Saturday but I had a lot of updating to do on client/ non client expenses and collating a load of invoices so he could finalise the quarterly VAT bill.

Miss being on the flat rate scheme😢

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Accountant working on a Saturday ! Must be a Villa fan :smiley:


Well, maybe work is a stretch too far! As is Saturday - hes done by 11am.

Also Villa played and actually won a game on Sunday this weekend so no need to work over to try to avoid it like the last 5 years of dross!

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I was mostly eating, drinking and fornicating.

Oh, there was some brewing in there as well.