I must be mad, but new car time

So, the 520d has been amazing. I love it. Sasha loves driving it, but… It’s not big enough for us.

Number 1 son is 6’6", number 1 daughter is 6’. Sasha is 5’8" and I’m 6’8". If I’m driving, whoever is behind me is fucked. If Sasha drives it kinda works, but it rules out the big road trips we want to do (Scotland and European tours) next year.

We tried an E class and an XC90 and neither work. The latter was also tres spendy to get in a decent one.

So, a mate has an A8, which is expensive to run but cheap to buy. Has anyone run a 7 series, S class or A8 for any length of time. Is it the world of £hurt£ i imagine it to be, or are there ways for mere mortals to run one?

Just to give you an idea, I’ve been servicing a £347 a month lease on the bimmer, with £55 a month insurance and almost no tax (£30). Tyres are run flats at £200 a corner unless you want to run your family on magic lucky number 8 tyre company ditchfinder 3000s.
Would like to lower the tyre bill too.

How many miles per year and petrol or derv?

The Skoda Superb is ginormous, and will cost less to run than an A8.


Buy the kids £500 cars x2 and then burn their mattresses so they leave

Get a nice two seater for you and Sasha?


I think Number 1 daughter is still at school so eviction might be a bit of a problem.

Superb, Shirley?

Get a (not a) van like our mate Charlie.
Plenty of room for everyone and everyone gets their own seat :+1:

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Suspect you’d all fit comfortably in something like a Ford Galaxy.

Old Japanese limousine FTW - Toyota Century?


Did someone say ‘leg room?’

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£12K 68,000 miles easily do 100K more. Nothing on it will be cheap on running cost but if you accept those to off set depreciation, as I do with my Overfinch, then total cost of ownership/running for say 3 years including buying a full warranty for it ought to be manageable.


Here in Germany most you read in the mags (used S-Class for the price of a new Golf?) are warnings of high running and repair cost.
We used to rent a Skoda Superb for business trips. I like to drive that car and it’s also comfy in the back.
I’m 6ft and used to sleep in the second row when the colleagues steer to/from southern Germany.
I also drove a rented Citroen Grand C4 Spacetourer in Spain on holiday. That should give plenty of space.
Or, as mentioned, Galaxy and the like, where a Merc V Class or VW T5 will provide even more luxury and space, but I guess at a higher cost.
Plenty to choose, have fun :slight_smile: .

Wouldn’t it be cheaper and easier just to cut all of you down to a more sensible size?


They’ll win an inch if they’d took their shoes off, top tip!


More fun than driving around in a Galaxy.


I’m sure they’d rather walk than be seen inside one of those fucking abominations…

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At least it’s not French :laughing:


get a bus

Buy a nice RX-8, rip the front seats out and sit in the back :+1:

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Watch Ronin, and then do the inevitable.

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