I want (maybe once, but now just anything Jim can find on the internet. 🙄)

I do. The Leaf is a mass produced white good now mysteriously priced at a point where a range of vastly more appealing alternatives exist. The Yaris is a homologation special that will exist in finite numbers and I’m trying to think of another device available for the same money that offers the same hardware.

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Oooh, a £30K 250bhp Yaris that’s worth half what you paid for it the moment you sit in the seat?

Or 350 bhp and a free tent …

Tough choice…


Good to see that your understanding of value in the automotive sector is as shallow as the horological one. Consider Exhibit A, a rarer but far less heavily modified hatchback that, despite being French and eleven years old has depreciated at a slower rate than that Beetle you posted. That Toyota is a homologation special- something that barely exists anymore in 2020. I’ll wager you one of your horrible discount orange watches, that the price of a used GR Yaris in October 2021 (one year after it goes on sale) will not be half or anywhere near.



LOL! The meggy’s only sought-after because everything that came after it is somehow worse, and it’s in the middle-aged nostalgia market sweetspot.

Meanwhile… The Yaris -

A. It’s a Yaris.

You need more?

B. Homologation hasn’t been a Thing since about 1986, no-one gives a rat’s-arse about rallying now. Sad’n’all, but…

Dunno how many Toyota will have to make, but if it’s more than five, they’ll prolly be crushing the unsold ones to keep the value up.

Granted, if you happen to fall into the tiny market it’s aimed at (moneyed male-menopausal weeaboos) nothing else will do. If you want something actually good - computer says “no”…

Mind, in a world where a Nissan Juke NISMO is unironically an actual thing that actual people buy, I’m prolly hopelessly wrong. In which case - fuck this cancerous World and everybody in it, I’m glad we’re all going to die of the batflu…


Is there a Verso version?

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Bet you’d be all over it if it was orange. :rofl:


I hate you.

I mean REALLY hate you.




Lost interest after Blind Owl died


Canned drama is all the rage y’know

You called?

Total and utter want.

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“Bond Buggered”

They were scary with ~45bhp… :open_mouth:


I’ve seen that go up Santa Pod. Much amuse.


I had a mate with one and drove it a few times - it was actually quite stable compared to my Reliant Supervan, which needed paving slabs on the floor in the back to stop it rolling over. (which I managed to do on only the second day of ownership :rofl::rofl:)


If you’d worked for Bond’s marketing dept., we’d all be driving sporty 3-wheelers now I reckon! :thinking:

You fucking loon! :rofl: :joy:

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I’m in.

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For Supervan read Van.

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[Captain Obvious mode on]

Not all three wheelers (sorry JB) are dire…



fixt :+1: