I want (maybe once, but now just anything Jim can find on the internet. 🙄)

Looks like a lot of fun for under £7k. Very stylish car but as you say it needs new wheels as a matter of urgency. If I had a garage I’d be all over it.


The wife’s uncle was a lovely bloke but hopeless with money.

He inherited a chain of cinemas and thought that it was perfectly normal to fly his one of these (two sisters each had four kids so a six-seater was mandatory - also explains the number of my extended in-laws).

to France in one of these

Bankruptcy wasn’t that far behind.

Anyhow, I’d love an old DS even though I’d have no clue what to do with it.


It’s potentially a great option for you residents of That London with a bit of tweaking.

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Good looking Toyota Prius shock

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The most surprising thing is that it’s taken this long to include solar cells in a commercial EV.

Not available in the UK because a nation of knuckle-dragging morons only wants things that look like off-roaders, even though they never go off-road and the vehicles are less efficient… :person_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

‘Good looking’ in the sense that it looks like an annoyed Transformer stuck in ‘car’ mode…

Thought there was a Leaf with some to run auxiliary devices, which given the output of the available area is all it is really useful for.

I had one of these back in the day.


Wouldn’t mind a Bucher


One of my all time favourites
1937 Lancia Aprilla



Not sure I’d want to own it long term, but woud happliy live with it for a couple of weeks.
Sounds great with the exhaust and engine work.


lovely sound

Today, I’m loving this;

I love the colour

I love the Campagnolo wheels

I love the vintage Pioneer decals

But most of all, I love that whoever commissioned it, 100% owned one of these as a kid;

Making your childhood toys become real is very cool and I approve wholeheartedly. The listing is HERE.


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Now where’s that spare £100k I found down the back of the sofa last week :thinking:


Driving a V8 is a right of passage but I’d rather be reamed by Mogg than sit on the wrong side (the inside) of that tin can sicked up on wheels. :face_vomiting:

Love it. I owned a PTS prepared XR4x4, and that was stupidly quick, so I imagine this is madness.

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Was walking the dogs yesterday and happened upon this:

I’ve never seen one, must be pretty rare I’d have thought?


DKW F102, too obscure for the ‘how many left website’

Never heard of DKW but a 1.3l 2 stroke V6 must have been mental.