I want (maybe once, but now just anything Jim can find on the internet. 🙄)

I feel bad about liking the featured limousine.


Ye gads that’s awful, unless it’s a citroen it looks like the front suspension has collapsed and someone has welded half a porker and firebird together.

SP2 - it was yet another way to repackage the Beetle drivetrain in the Type series, but just for Brazil, for ‘hue, hue’ reasons, so far as Germany was concerned…

Some show, no go.

I’d guess the one in the pics has some sort of an overwrought engine mod or transplant to give it substantially more power than the woeful undepinnings can cope with…

Not sure about the Jaffa coloured interior but….

Boniolo V12 Vanquish EG



Absolute dream car this


Link to advert and description

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I was displacing from my usual displacement activity (inactivity) and swiping left on one of Autocar’s slideshows themed “crazy cars from sensible car makers”, when I suddenly found an extremely familiar face staring back out of slide 17: (no, not that Gloff)

Sam tells me it’s at least 15 years since that pic was taken - and for an entirely different magazine! They’re certainly getting their money’s worth…


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Appears to be up pram wheels - is that some kind of an attempt at ‘donking’ an 8-series?

I don’t think so. Just a poor choice of wheel I think. Easily rectified.

No, not the fucking Lamborghini… An Audi that isn’t grey…:sunglasses:


A rare survivor. One owner from new.


I think they’re the standard 840 Ci wheels … :nerd_face:


Yes, actually you’re right - nasty-ass re-paint aside, they are: I’d never noticed that pattern was an option. Still looks like the ride height is all wrong - like someone’s installed the wrong springs or summat:


The position of the front wheel in the arch looks questionable, appears to be too close to the back.

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Engine missing.

Someone’ got a hell of a kitchen table…

I had a look today and you’re right. No engine.

That’s a shame, it’s a nice thing that deserves to be kept alive :cry: