I want


Getting better :+1:



Front not quite as good as the rear but I’d still have it.


Terry, the chap who did all my machine work in Florida dad wonderful things with pre war American bikes.


That is TRULY hideous.




But for my realistic only bike I’d ever need I would love one of these. Scratching and touring all in one beautiful package.


This would be mine.



I’ve got one of these, my dream bike, hence my username.

But I can’t justify it for much longer as my back can’t take it any more, so thinking of selling and getting something more comfortable, but damn, the 998 is such a pure design, I just don’t see a bike around that does it for me. :cry:


Titanium-framed, belt-driven, gearboxed Van Nicholas touring bike, please.


Needs a shopping basket :grinning:


Full pannier racks plus a dynamo front hub, please




Pedals are for losers :roll_eyes:


Fucking gorgeous that Rob :heart_eyes:

I had one of the first versions of that bike in the early 90s - an 888 SP


Was it jet propelled? :thinking:


Eh? :thinking:


That is beaut Rob. All the Ducati’s that had that 916 styling just look and sound right.
Golden age of WSB as well.