I want


I friend of mine has a 4200 GT, he keeps the mileage low…



I know it will be a bag of shite and break down every time you walk past it and also it only has either a 2L or 3L engine, but I have always wanted one.




But an S2 with this colour scheme…


Or just:


I admit to having a soft spot for the rounder lines of the later ones. I did drive a S1 JPS for while and really loved it.


Lucky sod!


It would have to be able to do this though:


It felt like a kit car. It was appallingly made, rattled, smelt of resin, wouldn’t change gears properly but never put me off. I would have another tomorrow but with the caveats I made earlier.


They will all smell like an old tent now.


Option box ticked :+1:



Lovely, I know someone that used to have a 3.0l Urraco, thought they did a 2.5l as well


Much nicer than the SL.


Nothing at all wrong with the Pagoda SL’s.

I owned a 230 way back.


That is beautiful! It looks very 8c2900 - didn’t know they made a 2300 with those lines :heart::heart::heart:


This does strike me as rather elegant…


In an all right angles and straight lines way.
prefer a few curves myself


I love the simplicity of lines. Nothing jars.

I’ve also had a bent for Merc verticle light arrays.

I had one of these many years ago…