I want



Hitler’s choice of transport? Looks like it


His very own 770K Grosser Offener Tourenwagen, perfect for the school run, out do all the 4X4 nobheads


Looks like the sort of thing @mibby would buy…


He might have it was on public sale at Scottsdale Auction in Arizona on January 17 2018.


They did, but I am not sure any made it to the UK.


I would like to add these to my garage listed above…

My most fucked in car. Take it to the Drive-In movies, fold the front seats down and “Hey presto” a double bed :sunglasses:

Had one of these in this colour. Swapped the engine from the 850cc to 1275cc with twin SUs. Same go-kart but MUCH quicker :+1:


I had a Morris with the 2200 six cylinder engine finished in a delightful turd brown metallic :sunglasses: As you say a great passion wagon!


My most fucked in car is actually my mates 2CV, I got loads of head in that and he was always driving :rofl:


Was he a contortionist? :thinking:


Plenty of choke when getting the 2CV going then?


I had my leg over in a Morgan 4/4 :slightly_smiling_face:


Thats rich - Gagging for it I hear


By any chance did the 2CV have a two-stroke engine? There might be a decent joke there if so…



Twin cylinder…


Nailed my ex Mrs in her dad’s Montego estate. Left a jizz stain on the seat too. Turned out he was a wife beater so looking back I’ve no regrets.


No regrets about the ex or the stain? :wink:


Still, you had to get in a Montego, was it really worth it?


Design classic, yer Montego estate - won an award for it -