I want


I had a Montego as a company car for a year (should have been two, but the firm ditched them after they spent so much time getting repaired)

Biggest heap of crap I’ve ever had the misfortune to drive. The build quality was appalling, but the drive was what made it ‘special’


Pfft, MG Montego Turbo or nothing :heart_eyes:


The 0-60 was around 7 seconds on those, I was 17 at the time so lasted around the same time.



Mark Wright, Liverpool and England defender used to drive a Montego estate when all his teammates were driving Porsches and Ferraris.



I actually owned a countryman estate for 3 months aged 18, until the head gasket failed and wrote it off.
It was unparalleled in its ability to transport 7 young men in comfort to trench woods for a hot knife session.


My mates Dad had one of those, remember it well!


Lols. Not heard that place mentioned in 20 yrs



I wish i had the cash, stunning!!

I still twitch thinking about all the MK1&2’s we destroyed as kids ‘rally driving’ on the farms when i grew up in N.Ireland in the 70’s/80’s


We used to have an estate of this vintage but I found myself admiring the lines of this old thing today.

I’d forgotten how American these looked.


And how many suitcases could be booted


It wasn’t as big as the ridiculously vast Cresta.



Friend used to have a ventora,until he rolled it in North Devon in the late 70s



The people at Ford had better drugs in the 60’s


At least a couple of bodies in that boot :+1:


Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake…



Nice but if it’s an estate you’re after.

How are you going to get a roofrack on the Aston?