I want


A whole one?



Yes, Ive put the doctors who saved the Skripals on standby…


is that one of those infused flute flavoured beers?


Unlikely that they can perform another miracle so soon after the last one


I wonderd what that ringing in my ears was.


I expect you shall partake of one, or maybe risk a second :astonished: at Lopwell :thinking:


He can plausibly deny responsibility by pointing out that if I had drunk a whole one I would not be stil alive…


I should bloody hope so!

I’ll be bringing some cigars for us to enjoy :sunglasses:


I feel a bromance coming on :smirk:


Alas not able to make it this year. :pensive:
Will there be an opportunity at the Yorkshire Puddings meeting in September?

P.S. Ta very much, a nice drop and in a Newcy Brown bottle too. :+1:


I’m glad you enjoyed it. Can’t make the September meat up but I’m sure there’ll be other opportunities.


Beer, cigars, music, friends, great location, fires, food…

You might even get a shag :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Now don’t go promising stuff then let me down :unamused:


I should hopefully have recovered sufficiently to make a statement on national TV by then.


I wasn’t intimating that it would be with me :roll_eyes:


Oops :frowning_face:


just make sure you take precautions


How do you view hens? In a sexual context?


do they gobble?


Only Turkeys do that