I want


That too :heart_eyes:


and that, three :heart_eyes:


Better rear window than this though?


Volvo Amazon 133 GT


or, even better, the estate -

Hell yeah !



Vauxhall Victor

Vauxhall Cresta


I’ve met with the chap who owns ZCARS, he’s an arse :slight_smile:


Why is he not a member here then?


I recall my Dad bringing one of those home as his company car. Had a speedo with a horizontal bar that changed colour from green to orange to red as you increased speed. We did have various Victors as well through the early 70’s.


same here, this one though


Haha, you win. Very, very nice.


I suspect the later model may be the better car though…


Perhaps, but still not as good as this


Haha, an old mate of mine used to have one of those, binned it at Donnington Park trying to beat my lap time, kitty litter stuck in places you wouldn’t believe :slight_smile:


A former colleague and very good friend owned both the Lotus and the Vauxhall. He was of the opinion that the VX 220 pissed all over the lotus

I only had two rides in it. Utterly bonkers acceleration and more so roadholding. Fantastic car, which suffered a blow out resulting in a write off :frowning_face:

Fortunately, he was unhurt :grin:


Cars I dreamt of as a boy:


But now just nightmares?