I want


You are all so predictable and mundane.

I can only dream of being worthy… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Last week I was making my merry way up the A31 towards Farnham when my world was completely turned on its axis as I was overtaken by what appeared to be Satan himself belching a thunderstorm, chewing on rocks and gargling an earthquake.

As the massive behemoth vanished into the distance I briefly caught a glimpse of the words “Mercedes” and the mysterious code “G63 AMG”. Once I composed myself, mopped up the dribbles and stopped drooling, I decided that perhaps I might quite like one of these.


Sold mine. IDIOT!



And a SRT Hellcat


One of these bastards playing Neu! at full pelt


might be sufficient to make me get a drivers license.


Pretty much anything by Chip Fosse…for example…


etc., etc…


My Dad had a V8 Rover back in the 70s and we loved it, economy was awful but wasn’t such an issue back then.

Always fancied a TR5


Run about

Cliff road touring

Popping to see Nan

Taking cat to vet

Business / commuting

Weekend RV








Foose. Lovely styling, just a shame he minks everything up with the wrong wheels every time.

If you want custom - aim high - and the late George Barris is GOD

(see also mr MWS RV and PPmobile above)


etc. etc. etc.

If you wanted it when you were 8 - chances are George built it :ok_hand:


Hate the later Corvettes, but this on the other hand is rather wonderful. Looks like the boss agrees…


Still my favourite car ever


Vehicle specifically designed for members of the 'toir to transport lunch components.


I hate cars. Nasty, smelly uncomfortable things driven by nasty, smelly unpleasant people.


:triumph::triumph::triumph: Oi! I resemble that remark!


Me too sadly, :unamused: