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Ffs :grimacing: the E46 was one of the nicest designs BMW ever came up with, especially in cab form.Then this cunt got one :weary:


My wife says all BMW’s of a certain age should be crushed, you can see her logic (for once).


fxt for the sake of the world


Oh dear…

The only redeeming feature is that it will be a volume seller, thus providing a needed injection of cash to continue developing performance saloons. Hopefully, they will also be able to afford a decent designer (rather than the 12 year old that they currently employ).


Looks like a Mondeo on steroids :thinking:




where is that picture from? Ive seem other pictures of this and that image looks strangely scaled?


I’m going to guess Autocar.



I can see that, but what was the context? Was that an Autocar artists impression or a picture actually released by Aston?



That is truly awful. As mentioned, though, hopefully it will tempt rich people who are an utter waste of oxygen from their BMW X6s in enough volumes to make all their other cars even more awesome.

As an aside, I followed Rob’s link (which doesn’t work, by the way :roll_eyes:) to their website and have another question. After god know how many years of completely and utterly ruining their cars, why the hell are they still letting those blind monkeys at Zagato loose on their latest models?


Odd, it does here, do you have a different internet?


Works ok for me also.


I am using a foreign internet at the moment, so that might be jinxing it.





Bloody hell, the Austin Princess rises from the grave! :flushed:


That is so rong


Another brand ruined :grinning: