I want


Their magnum opus IMO


I concur




I think this did that a while back :woozy_face:


1954 Lagonda 3.0 litre Drop Head Coupe.image

Lagonda LG45R Rapide.




A seriously fuckable car




Watched Wheeler Dealers last night and now predictably want:


I bought one of those in 1985. It was my first Alfa. Great car to drive.


I had one as well, exactly like that in silver. :+1:


Fantastic, I’m dead jealous, how long before they washed away? :grinning:


I have a confession to make :hot_face: I part-exed the Alfasud Cloverleaf at a dealer for a red GTV6, like this. I couldn’t find the second key for the 'sud though, so just handed over the one to the dealer. Found the spare key a couple of days later. The new car had a crappy gear knob and the one in the 'sud was lovely, so I crept into the dealer’s forecourt in the middle of the night, let myself ito the 'sud and swapped over the gear knobs :flushed:



Not sure as I changed cars frequently then. I traded it in after a year for this pretty Alfasud Sprint.



That’s brilliant! :slight_smile:


Double yellow parking… do you drive a 4x4 now? :grinning:


:grinning: double yellow but no bars. Ok on a Sunday I think.

Current old banger


Nice! Which engine?


It’s a 2 litre selespeed. It’s lovely to drive as it’s only done 60,000 miles. Unfortunately, and this will come as surprise to no-one, it’s rusting away from underneath although it still looks respectable from the outside. I’d love to get it through it’s next MOT in February and get another year out of it before it goes to the scrappy. Fingers crossed.



Those Lagondas were just gobsmacking in 1974. The alternatives were this
or this

Even 45 years later the Lagonda looks like it comes from the future. The electronics were over-ambitious, but the car was magnificent.