I want


I personally think it’s the ideal @edd9000 car.


I always likes these.


Pretty much.


You think wrongly. Unless a date and time is shown, you can’t park on double yellows even on Sundays or bank holidays.

The bars across the kerb are for loading restrictions.


I knew somebody in Bristol who bought a Jensen Interceptor FF new. He sold it about a year later as the fucking thing never worked and didn’t like starting.


Ariel Hypercar. 0-100 mph in 3.8 secs.


Can also transform into an evil robot.


Looks like something Batman would use at weekends


Darth Vader’s company car?


Order placed!


Get in the queue…
I’ve already written to Santa Jim.


"The car delivers so much torque and power, the simulations show we could be wheelspinning at 100mph in the dry”, says Saunders. “We need downforce at a standstill basically, so we’re actually looking at using ground effect technology like the Brabham BT46 F1 car, using fans to suck the car to the road.” :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


…but have you been a good boy?


Arguably their finest moment.



I’ll leave a pork pie out on Christmas Eve…


I’d really like one of the estates but don’t have the balls.


Don’t forget the sherry - I’ll need something to wash the pie down with :smiley:


Well worth a punt if you can find a good one as they’re cheap to buy which gives you cash in hand for any repairs to bring it up to scratch. After a fairly hefty initial spend my car has been a reliable runner for the last two years. Definitely a gamble though as they’re old cars now.


Will a pint of Tetleys do you?
This is Yorkshire you know.


TVR Griffith.