I want


Because even a McLaren benefits from more brown:


How did that discussion go

“So, we’ve run this one through focus groups and baby shit yellow brown was the outright winner”


I bet it is a custom colour for a client. “Yes sir, what a great colour, you will certainly stand out in that colour”. No lady would order baby shit brown.


For those that care, it’s a Novitec modified 720S. No idea if the paint scheme was part of the modifications.


Laaaydeess n Genelmen…I give you the McLaren Meconium



That’s very cool ! :heart_eyes:


Pah! It’s not even a Wankel :relieved:


Yes it is. Two rotor wankel.


Oh! (Must read listing) :relieved:


The engine will probably not work after a week, but you can just look at it instead…


For the late 60s it was very quick, 0-60 in under 9 seconds


Oh my word, that is GORGEOUS! :heart_eyes:


Beautiful inside and out.


That interior is way beyond just cool.


I need a Lotto win NOW! I have fallen in love.



Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 stradale.


Oh my, I’ve just done a sex wee…


Think you’ll find that’s just the old prostate problem flaring up again Rob.


Riding around in Japanese taxis that are one of the most serene places on the planet has made me want a Japanese car. This one is right at the top of my wish list.