I want




Weirdly enough I really like that.
It’s sort of a full size Hot Wheels car…


What a waste of time and money.


Forum strapline…blah, blah, bleurgh…


Aston Martin DBR1


Ah yeah!


Toyota Century.


Got a bit of an rs200 look about it from the front




Toyota Crown Autotrader £4995.


Mmmm…velour upholstery :grin:


Your mission : Steal all the Ferrari styling cues you can & put them on a golf buggy.



More Velour. :heart_eyes:. Fiat 130 Coupe.


Saw this earlier


I used to drive a Fiat 500 in bean orange with the roll back roof and a heater.


My mum had one like that. She chopped it in for one of these:

Which was charming in its way. If it wasn’t for that car, I would never have met Neil Armstrong.

Did I ever mention that I met Neil Armstrong? :thinking:


If you did, I missed it.
When was that then?


I think I might remember summat about some Yank.


A long, long time ago (sorry listening to The Man Who Sold The World). But it was, I was 6 or 7, and the Skôda broke down halfway up a mountain somewhere godforsaken in Germany. My brother decided to walk to the next village to get help, came back 20 mins later said there was a hotel just over the hill, and they can put us up.

It turned out to be a rather nice traditional style Gasthaüs, and after we had dinner, we retired to the bar. And in the bar was a bunch of guys in black suits, and a guy in a sports jacket and slacks. My brother had a fit of hero worshipness, so I went upto sports jacket guy and asked Neil Armstrong if was fun on the moon. He said “Yes, son, it was really cool…”

The end.