I want


Another Zagato beauty


1953 Ferrari 250 mm


See, spot on.

Astons are BRG, Ferraris are red. End of.



1938 Talbot-Lago T-150-C Teardrop Coupe.


Tradition. National racing colours to help identify teams before advertising.


While it’s interesting and rare. It is pug ugly. A rare thing from Maranello (although I suspect off site coachworks are responsible)


Bugatti is French Racing Blue
Mercedes and Porsche are German Racing Silver.


still in its original red


1952 Bristol 401


But it doesn’t look all that, does it ?

Especially when compared to


They were built in Italy and were red. That is a respray it’s not even BRG it’s a metallic green :grinning:
Where as the red one I posted is the original car shown at the motor show in 1960 in red.


My Dad had a 100/6 for a few years in the nineties. He went to buy a loaf of bread and came back with it. We banned unsupervised purchases for a few years after that.*

Let’s start with the good points.

  • It looks nice

Now, with the good points stowed, some of the downsides need to be considered.

  • The steering isn’t simply ‘heavy.’ You can’t move the wheel at all when the car is stationary. When you do get moving, you can revel in the positivity and feedback of the 4863 turns lock to lock and look with jealousy on HGV drivers with their super direct systems.

  • The engine and gearbox were designed by people who never met. This isn’t be being unkind, they really didn’t. The box is from the Austin A90 and the ratios were almost hilariously unsuitable.

  • It is woefully under tyred for the amount of power it is notionally capable of delivering.

  • It consumes fuel like an oil well fire.

  • A Mazda MX-5, driven by someone with chronic anxiety, who scraped through their test that morning, will beat it point to point,

Also British racing green is the colour of algae. unless the car you owned actually raced, there is almost no limit to the number of colours it will look better wearing.

*We relaxed this rule after a bit and were lulled into a false sense of security until he went to buy a pair of slippers and came back with a Honda Civic- a joke that practically writes itself.


So much this^^
BRG isn’t even a decent green.


Still doesn’t look as nice : blowingraspberryemoji :grinning:



Jeez. You should try writing for a living :roll_eyes:


I thought it was a TVR at first.


Sorry, have Zagato ever come up wtith anything that wasn’t hideous? Certainly there’s no evidence to this effect in this thread…


That DB4 isn’t hideous, is it?


The 1953 Ferrari 250 Vignale Spyder I Mille Miglia was a race car.



1965 Ferrari 206 Dino Pininfarina Berlinetta Speciale.