I want


Disregarding your ‘taste’ (a relative term) in cars making rendering your opinions borderline worthless, they have;

And finally, one that doesn’t work in photos but is simply incredible in the metal;



That last one is horrible.


Because reading is so very difficult, isn’t it.


Yep, all minging but, more importantly, a damn sight uglier than the cars they were based on!

Then again, if Zagato’s raison d’etre is in fact to take handsome cars and make them uglier, then I take it back - they are geniuses.


Their raison d’etre was that their bodies were always lighter and more aerodynamic than the stock one. If you check the weights of cars where multiple coachbuilders were active, the Zagato one is pretty much always the lightest. As a result, the aesthetic of a Zagato is a secondary concern to how it works. I’ve always loved this- it’s a singlemindedness I can appreciate. You views, knowing your fondness for rotboxes styled with a set square, will undoubtedly be different.


1972 Alfa Romeo 1600 Junior Zagato:


The front reminds me of Robert Mugarbe


Aston Martin Zagato


Is it a Chinese MG? :thinking:

The last one that is.


:heart_eyes: Always loved these, since the first time I saw one. Alfa SZ ( Sprint Zagato ).


I may have mentioned it before, but I say a flotilla of those racing at the Monaco GP a few years ago :heart_eyes:


in the water? I thought them cars, not boats


As a Range Rover fan your opinion means nothing to me.
The world would not agree with you. All the Zagato models I posted are now some of the most desired cars ever made. If you don’t like them good for you as you could buy yourself at least 100 Range Rovers for the price of one Maserati 450s Zagato :grinning:


That design looks very advanced for the early 70s.


[Pedant]It was built by Zagato but not actually designed by them[/pedant]. All Alfa’s own work.


Understood. Bloody lovely though !


Bentley Continental Zagato


Now that, is truly hideous, even in BRG


Yep, thats horror show.


I like it.