I want



It looks like it has partially melted. It definitely abounds with the fug.


Just 'cos it doesn’t have hub caps :roll_eyes:




I will just have to survive the fact that my opinion means nothing to you but, believe me, I am truly devastated. You’ve always been something of a hero to me.

And yes, I’d much rather have 100 Range Rovers than any of the Zagato monstrosities I’ve seen in this thread, thanks! :+1:




You’ll need, them, for spares. :rofl:


356 Carrera Zagato




A bit of art deco loveliness


Is that Saotchik or Figoni & Falaschi? Both coach builders doing pimp my ride before anyone else.


Would still have a tighter turning circle than a Marina.


Delahay and yes, those two (F&F) did some outrageous work post WW2.



1935 Voisin C28 Aerosport


Needing no introduction



I sat in that very car as a kid. If at some stage in its long life, it hasn’t has the three quarter panels repaired from the owner changing lanes into the path of vehicles that are completely invisible, i’d be astonished.

It’s fabulous though.


I just want that for the number plate GV 1


Gabriel Voisin
Pioneer French aviator too



Suits me too.

Or Gianni Versace.


McLaren 720S Spider