I want


Fiat 130 Coupe. I prefer Black or Dark Blue with Grey seats.


My friend’s Dad had a dark blue one. It made a big impression on me as a 10 year old.





There are just too many


Ohh my
That mki escort is just besutiful


Growing up, our first family car after my mum passed her test was a bright red MKI escort, registration HUL 161K.

Should have been a green one.




Fuck me, he’s hammering it…obviously down to the Astra


Jeez, he’s caning it, the rear wheels spend more time in the air than on the road.


Sign of a well set up front wheel drive car that, cocking it’s rear leg :slight_smile:


Imagine what it could do if he changed out of second.


IMG_4407a by , on Flickr

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Modified Astra?


I would like one in BRG (metallic) and yellow grill surround.


Nearly… a modified F Type


The ultimate Q-car - an Astra disguised to look like a humble F-type jag :+1:


All that fuss about SpaceX when all that was really needed was a couple of hundred yards of straight road, a humpback bridge and an Astra.



Sat in one as a kid on work experience